A Discord Bot for Rickrolling 24/7/365
Made by Scinovus Crafted


This bot gives you 3 dozen different ways to rickroll people. It notifies you if a NGGYU YouTube link is typed in the chat. It also rickrolls you when the word 'rickroll' is typed into chat!

Note: Most of the rickroll commands (see below) require you to vote on top.gg before using them.


Type /rrs and choose from one of the following categories to view the rickrolls.

QR Codes +

Over a dozen QR Codes, Micro QR Codes, Data Matrices, and Aztec Codes leading to the video or with lyrics.


Downloadble files like a MP3 and an Apple Watch face, links to the official YouTube video, Bit.ly/Tiny.url links, and more.

GIFS and Videos

GIFs of Rick dancing and doing his signature move, and Rickroll videos from TikTokers, YouTubers, and Redditors.


Mainly images, including CAPTCHAs, MTG cards, and memes, that don't fit into the other categories.


Rickroller automatically blocks YouTube links that are rickrolls. Those links are stored in with MongoDB cloud.

Type /db to see the commands to add a link to block or view all blocked links.


Type /misc for all the other commands Rickroller has to offer, including the support server, bot credits, and server count.